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What We Do?

My comfortable home offers a range of NDIS funded SIL (supported independent living) and respite (short term) accommodation with personal care for individuals with disabilities looking for an independent way of living for ages 17 to 65 years. This is open to people of all age groups and abilities.

With a focus on meeting individual needs within a group setting, we provide high quality services in a professional manner. We aim to ensure that each participant feels welcome, safe, and valued, at home or whilst residing in the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of My Comfortable Home locations.

Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and skilled staff whose experience focuses on assisting people, especially people with special or complex needs. Our enthusiastic staff are qualified and experienced in general healthcare, nursing, and disability care.

Our Goals For Our Participants Are To:



Support Personal Growth

Aid in self-efficiency through a welcoming and supportive environment.

To Enable Our Clients To Have The Freedom To Live Their Life How They Choose.


To be an organization of excellence, authentic in our purpose, and leaders in creating a world without barriers for people with disability, where everyone can fulfill their dreams.


To provide warm, loving, and comprehensive care to our clients enabling them to reach goals and live their life how they choose.



We embody tangible expressions of love in every aspect of what we do.


Coupled with our vision, we promote and empower people living with disabilities in social integration, giving them the respect and happiness the deserve.


We always act in an ethical and honorable way at all times.


To always respect the choices, rights, and opinions of all people.


Personalised care for persons living with disabilities and their families is the core of what we do.

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