We’re COVID19 prepared. Find out more here

We’re COVID19 prepared. Find out more here

Vision statement

Every year 5,000 people are in crisis with safety and wellbeing issues. They seek refuge in hospitals and Aged care facilities. Our mission is to become the number 1 choice for emergency, crisis and change of circumstance accommodation for NDIS participants in New South Wales.

Our Director's

Zain Sheriff

Executive Director
CRT Australia Pty Ltd T/A My Comfortable Home

Satyan Rajamani

CRT Program Founder
Clinical Social Worker
Mental Health Accreditation
Medicare Practitioner

Our Team

My Comfortable Home is founded on: people that genuinely enjoy their work and are passionate about making a difference. As well as a highly skilled and experienced team with a vast range of knowledge and expertise.

All staff are committed to delivering person-centered, high-quality care and professional services to our clients every minute of every day.